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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Meccanica

Continue after graduation


Master's degree
To enrol in a Master's Degree Course, you must have a university degree or diploma of three years' duration - i.e. another degree obtained abroad, recognised as suitable - and have specific curricular requirements and adequate preparation, verified in accordance with the procedures defined in the teaching regulations of the master's degree courses, which also indicate the specific criteria for access.
Job Orientation and Job Placement
The Job Orientation and Job Placement Service (OJP) promotes, supports, harmonises and strengthens the outgoing guidance services of individual faculties.
OJP provides students and graduates with information and training for building their professional identity and career planning.
State exams The State exams take place every year in two sessions and start on equal dates throughout the country and at the universities designated annually by its ordinance by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.
Almalaurea It is a database that collects extensive documentation concerning all graduates of the universities that are part of the Almalaurea association. The purpose of the database is to facilitate the access of young people to the world of work, to facilitate companies in the search for personnel, to minimize the time required to meet the demand and supply of qualified work.
Master It is a post-graduate title of scientific specialization and higher education, following the attainment of the three-year degree (1st level Master).
Postgraduate Administrative Secretariat The Secretariat deals with all administrative matters concerning the careers of students enrolled in Post Graduate courses
Further training courses The specialization courses represent a path of academic deepening and specific disciplinary updating.
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